1. Suddenly Over

From the recording Suddenly Over

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Suddenly Over

I found and old photo book
With pictures my Mother took
1964 or 65
I was driving my Chevy then
In a band with a few close friends
Sunday night on TV
The Beatles had arrived

One day the postman brought
A letter sent to me
It said I had to go away

It was suddenly over
It all went away
My hopes, my dreams
Crazy old schemes
They all died that day
Suddenly over, we were going off to war
I laughed, I cried
I almost died
I never knew what for

I have an old photo book
With pictures my Mother took
1974, it was snowing outside
The Christmas tree shone so bright
We were all together that night
I looked somehow sad
And so much older

Words and music c.2022 R. D. Hansen (all rights reserved)